Xero Integrations

QuikSys Pty Ltd create customised cloud based business systems that integrate with Xero.
Systems which reduce work load and streamline your everyday processes. 
QuickSys specialise in

  • Customised Cloud based Business Systems
  • Cloud based Applications
  • Software Architecture
  • Databases

  • iOS and Android Phone Apps
  • Custom built interfaces

Case Study

Anthony from Produce365, a Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaler, from Newcastle NSW, needed a solution that would reduce hours of order processing every day. He called and said 'I'm spending 5-6 hours a day getting all my orders together from voice mail, text messages, emails and phone calls. I then have to work out what I need to purchase and then I have to pick and pack the items and finally invoice my customer. Can you make me a system that can take orders via a phone app. 

After receiving a further brief we developed a complete Order Management System with phone app ordering. Customer and Inventory Management. Agile Pricing structures. The system allowed all orders to be in one management panel, instead of pieces of paper all over a desk. It calculated total quantities, assigned delivery routes, printed picking & Packing slips, delivery dockets and more. Finally it exported the orders to Xero via an API and all the orders became invoices awaiting approval in Xero. The OMS streamlined his complete order processing from taking an order to invoicing.

Tasks that used to take hours now are done in minute.

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