The QuikSys wholesale ordering software, will save you countless hours of time by enabling the importation of your orders into your accounting software.  Makes ordering for your customers so easy too.

  • Customers order via their phone App
  • Customers get order confirmation emails
  • Orders are processed in your admin panel

  • Orders are then imported into your accounting software
  • Eliminates manual invoicing


The QuikSys Phone App Ordering System  works in conjunction with your accounting software.

It  streamlines the ordering process to minimise your time in preparing invoices within your accounting software.

It eliminates errors by using the orders placed via the phone apps to generate your accounting invoices.

QuikSys has many extra features that are not mentioned on this site.

If you want to know more about QuikSys please contact us, for details, pricing or to try out our Demo


"By far the best and fastest ordering system I have used, makes ordering so easy and accurate, all sup¬≠pliers should have this" 

Luke Carpenter 
Executive Chef, Mercure Group

"Love it. I have been using the Produce365 App for over 8 months, orders are never wrong, now my meat supplier has also got the system, my team and I can control the ordering of fruit and veg and meat in the palm of our hand"

Michael Lowe 
Head Chef, Beach Hotel, Merewether

"We have a 90 percent uptake of chefs using the system, ordering via our app on their mobile phones" 

Anthony Renahan
Produce 365